Ham Radio 360: Business Travel with John, N7PUG. Episode 44

Ham Radio and Business Travel with  John, N7PUG. Episode 44  (Apartment Dweller Hints too!)

Contest Winners Mentioned in the Show!

John Pugliano, N7PUG, is a Licensed Amateur and Frequent Business Traveler (a great podcaster too!).  Not one to waste his evenings away from home in the hotel bar, John takes along his HF gear to provide entertainment and make contacts!

John, N7PUG

In this program we discuss what to take and how to pack it for travel.  Best operating practices, positions, even rental car ops are discussed.  We also touch on the subject of operating while residing in an apartment building.

Even if you never travel, don’t discount the information presented in this show!  There are many tips and tricks we can all learn from John’s experiences.

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Also make sure you check out John’s Podcast ‘Wealthsteading’!

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  1. Hey Cale, great show topic. I’ve been using improvised antennas for years. You might check out the Strange Antenna Challenge every Memorial Day weekend. It’s a lot of fun.

  2. Interesting show. I would suggest shortening the first 10 minutes. This has me looking to buy a used HF portable now and to really study CW so I can make contacts while business traveling. A much better use of my brain than the restaurant bar – instead I could hit a drive thru and get to high ground! I would just caution against using crazy antennas like a fold-up chair, guttering, a john boat, etc. Those kinds of things create harmonics – especially if there are loose rivets or screws or corrosion. We don’t see the harmonics as we don’t see the wind or air but the harmonics are there. A good condition guy wire and a tuner at the guy wire makes sense. A end-fed or off-center fed dipole or double-bazooka or other antenna with an expandable pole can be rolled up and makes a lot of sense… Anything else is arguably intentional interference. Likewise, with a significantly inefficient radiator a person could be calling CQ on top of others simply because they can’t hear them. I would urge my fellow hams to take a roll-up antenna like a off-center fed dipole or a ‘backpack’ vertical with a loading coil..
    Also, I believe for a dipole, wire diameter is nearly insignificant (just needs to carry the current). It’s Yagi antennas where diameter effects bandwidth.

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