Ham Radio 360: Noise Blankers-Let’s Laugh and Learn. Ham Radio Satire at it’s Best! Episode 40

Ham Radio Satire?

SierraRadio.net (thanks George!)

Congrats to our Ep. 39 Turkeys  Winners!

  1. K2AND
  2. KG6NFJ
  3. AK0W
  4. N1IVY
  5. KC0ZRW
  6. N0RUG

The Noise Blankers, Ham Radio’s favorite satirical bunch are here to make us grin in Episode 40!




Two of the Noise Blankers, Kevin (K5KVN) and Andy (K5PO) drop in to chat about getting into the hobby, what makes them tick, and how they are more than a Club-They are a Radio Support Group!

Our Mission Statement:

Do radio stuff.
Have fun doing it.
Show people just how fun it is.

Professional Communicators by Day and Ham Radio Satirical Monsters by Night (and whenever they meet and eat at the Golden Corral) These fellas give us an excuse to crack a smile and laugh at ourselves!

Yes, both of those guys have Way more Hair than I do!  I hate to whine, but it’s Not Fair!

The Gang!

It’s not all about poking fun though, these guys are All-In for growing and promoting the hobby of Amateur Radio!

Enjoy the Show and make sure to check out their sites!




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  1. Cale,

    Can you give some more information about where you found amateur radio license flash cards? My 10 year old daughter has been showing lots of interest in the hobby and I’d love to get her a set of those flash cards for Christmas.

    Thanks for any hints you can give and thanks for the show as well.

    -Neil N0FN

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