Ham Radio 360: Listening to the Spectrum


Ham Radio-Listening to the Spectrum.

A few months ago, Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and I were texting back and forth on show ideas.  He suggested we do a Radio Spectrum Show.  In Episode 38, that is exactly what we begin to do!

Daunting huh? from the wiki

Some newer hams may not be aware of what is out there to listen to.  Some may not know why they should or even how to listen to ‘it’.

There are receivers for everything.  Some are low-cost like the RTL-SDR dongle. Others are simple SWL Radios.  There are also specialized receivers for certain parts of the spectrum (ex: Police/Fire Scanners).

Tecsun 880 from MTC Radio

While we try to cover it all, we also try to keep from getting bogged down too often (there is a lot to cover).  This is the Overview Program,  we have plans to bring you specific Band and Gear shows in the very near future!

Uniden Home Patrol 2 from MTC

Thanks for listening!

Beverage Antennas

Numbers Station in Ukraine

Addendum:  Freudian Slip…”Low-F’ers” not sure what happend there but my apologies to the Low-fers (loafers) at LWCA.org  and, like you I’ve been laughing since I heard it. *insert embarrassed emoji*



  1. Cale, thanks for the shout out (And saying my last name correctly)!
    Listening was the (and still is) one of the best ways to learn about Radio. As a kid, we used to listen to Radio Moscow and Radio Free Europe to hear other peoples viewpoints on international events.
    Thanks for the great show.

  2. Awesome episode
    everyone needs to share this with their non ham friends and family.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Another great show, Cale! An idea to add (?), I have a Yaesu VX-6 and played around with an adapter and 18ga wire making an antenna to listen to the SW. It’s not a dial (can’t pull everything in), but it works pretty well! Maybe include a chat about how to create your own antennas to improve reception on the radios we have? Again – love the podcast and gracias!!! Dave – KK6ULX

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