Ham Radio 360: DStar and Digital Radio

Ham Radio: Digital Radio-DStar and more!

Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and George (KJ6VU) hold down the fort while Cale is away.  This DStar-Digital Radio program is something we’ve been discussing for what seems like forever.  It took me handing over the reigns to finally make it happen!

DStar capable IC-7100


The guys spend some time breaking it all down for all to understand.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested in DStar, this is the show you need to hear!

DVAP with Raspberry Pi from ab4bj.com


It’s a longer show than we normally do, but stick around-there’s a lot to learn!  Big Thanks To Jeremy and George for getting it done!

DStar The Four Call Signs;


DStar Info:


DStar Registration Information:
DStar Reflectors:
D-Rats Software:
Raspberry PI DStar Node/HotSpot/DVAP Image Download Links:
DVMega Boards;
DVAP Information:
Yahoo Groups for DStar Hotspots and Software:


Thanks for Listening and Sharing-

73, Y’all!


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