Ham Radio: Int’l Podcast Day Special Edition!

Happy International Podcast Day from the Other Ham Radio Podcast!

Wow, talk about lemons to lemonade!  My Grandiose Plan was brought to nil when the PC crashed the day before we celebrate International #Podcastday .

So, I did what any good host would do….I pressed Record anyways!

Richard and Christy Lenoir

In this Special Edition show we chat with Richard Lenoir of Main Trading Company! 

Richard gives us the history of Main Trading Company as well as some KILLER DEALS on 3 Big Sale items!

Phone 903-737-0773

With my PC dead the Skype audio was a no-go, so please forgive the phone bridge feed!  in spite of the hiccups I hope you enjoy the show and have a Happy International Podcast day!

 October 17, Ham Radio Day-Paris TX!

Be There!! Click here for information!

This ain’t no museum, Baby!

Prices too low to publish, make sure you listen to the entire show to get the low-down deals!

Deal Alert!


Prices too low to print! Listen to the Show for the details!


Thanks for listening and sharing!

73 y’all! K4CDN

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