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ARRL Logbook


Episode 35, Ham Radio QSL’ing and Logging.  George (KJ6VU) and Nick (N3WG) join me as we continue our series of “Making DX Work”.   In this installment we discuss all things QSL’ing and Logging your contacts.


Ham Log from Pignology (N3WG)


Do you need QSL cards?  What Software should you use?  Is there an App for that?   We answer those questions and more in Episode 35!


Dan’s QSL card from his Mini-DXpedition Episode 4

Electronic QSL’ing and Logging?  Yep, folks are there.  Here are some show links:


Sierra Radio Systems







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Fo Time Echolink/IRLP Information

The Bay-Net group have offered the use of their Echolink and IRLP conference bridge to be the meeting place for the Fo Time listeners to gather.Echolink users can connect to conference *WW6BAY*  (Must include the *’s)
IRLP users can connect to IRLP reflector 9096
The *WW6BAY* bridge and IRLP reflector 9096 are connected 24/7.
Courtesy is Expected.  Please be mindful of their Scheduled Nets as listed on their site.


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  1. Folks bad-mouth LOTW; but like one of your guests said, it’s that way for security. The good thing about the current version of LOTW is once you’ve got it set up, you’re golden. All you need to do is go into the software and have it do a backup. You can then take that backup file, install the LOTW software on another computer (like a laptop or in my case my office PC) then restore the settings on the second computer.

    I recently installed N1MM+ (the current version of N1MM) and I think it’s great! It’s very easy to use. I pretty much just have to enter the call sign and the exchange (ARRL section or state in most cases) and hit Enter. I then can export the file in ADIF format and export it to LOTW.

    Great show, Cale! Keep doin’ whatcher doin’!

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