Ham Radio 360: Contesting with W1GQ

Ham Radio Contesting!  Building on our last conversation with Bruce Jewett, W1GQ, we delve into Contesting in the Amateur Radio bands!

N1GQ Contest Station
N1GQ Contest Station

Contesting is a Viable aspect of the Hobby, and it’s Bruce’s favorite part of Ham Radio!  Sit back and enjoy the ride as W1GQ schools us on the tips and tricks of successful Contesting on HF!

ARRL Contesting found here


Don’t let the Mic-boom fool you, W1GQ is sending 35wpm on CW 🙂
“Nothing but Fun!”  Contesting is open to everyone, and not something you should pass off.  No matter the size of your station, give contesting a try!
as mentioned:



Morse Runner

N1NM Software




  1. I’m Richard and I’m a contester! Contesting and chasing DXCC helps feed my OCD-ness. I look at the open spots showing me where I need states and DX entities and I can’t help but get on the air.

    I just joined the DFW Contesting Group and plan to participate in the CQ WW DX contest in October!

  2. Very good pod cast. I like contesting even though I do not get to do it much. It is important to a new HAM like myself to see how much I can do with the little bit that I have to work with.

    My Kenwood 530S is actually working well for an old rig attached to a home made fan dipole (10, 20, 40). Even after two years, I enjoy and get excited about making a European contact.

    Keep up the good work Cale!

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