Ham Radio 360: All About DX with Bruce, W1GQ

DX, what is it? ….Working the Distant Station (DX).  DX Tips, Tricks, Tools, Awards and more are discussed in this installment.  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about chasing and working DX, this is your chance to learn from one of the best!

We all start somewhere; the bug bites-and it’s on!  Bruce Jewett got the bug as a kid when he was invited in to see his neighbors shack, Don Wallace, W6AM (sk).  He’s never been the same.

N1GQ Contest Station
W1GQ Contest Station

From his humble beginnings as a teen with a low-slung wire and a key, Bruce has been in love with DX’ing and CW.  Join us as Bruce shares the in’s and out’s of DX’ing and how this Award-Winning Contester get’s it done!

Bruce Jewett, W1GQ


As mentioned in the show:


DX Summit Cluster

DX Watch Cluster

Learn Morse Code


W6AM Don Wallace Documentary

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  1. I got bit by the DX bug in February 2014. My very first DX contact was 9A5BWW in Croatia. I’ve worked as far east (from Fort Worth) as Russia and as far west as Japan. My goal for this year is to work the Falkland Islands (for historical significance) and Antarctica.

    Great show! 73!

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