Ham Radio 360: Scouting-Rick Deweese KJ4WHO

Episode 31: Ham Radio & Scouting

Rick DeWeese (KJ4WHO) is more than a Scout Master .  He’s also an Amateur Radio Operator and a Podcaster from Upstate South Carolina.  Rick and I ‘met’ on Facebook not long after Fo Time went live.  We’ve kicked the idea of getting together for a show for almost a year now…and here it is.

Rick DeWeese KJ4WHO (with a very clean shave)

His Troop, known as the “Amateur Radio Troop” is led by Rick and his assistant, who is also a Ham.  Join us as we discuss how He compliments his Scouting with the Magic of Ham Radio.


In many of the past shows we’ve tried to nail down ways to bring today’s youth into Ham Radio.  In Episode 31 Rick shares his insight and methods  for involving kids with the hobby.

The Portable Repeater
The Portable Repeater


from KB6NU


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