Ham Radio 360: MPD Digital– Coax Cable

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 Episode 29:

MPD Digital is a US Manufacturer of US Made Coax Cable Assemblies.  Veteran Owned and Operated, the Nelsons take great pride in their products and offer stellar customer service!


From a humble start in the spare bedroom to a modern 5,000sq/ft assembly house.  Kim and Ray Nelson offer some of the finest Coax Cable products available.

They can add your call sign too!


From standard lengths and connectors to custom, one-off orders MPD Digital can fill your Coax Cable needs!

Make sure to visit the custom assembly site mentioned in the show!



A Special Thank You to the Nelsons for coming on the show to help us better understand one our hobby’s necessities: Coax!

MPD Digital ebay store

MPD Digital on Facebook

MPD Digital on Twitter


Stick around for a Field Day Packtenna Report!  Thanks Bret-N9LPT

 MPD Digital Coax Assemblies now on Amazon!


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