Episode 28: Ham Radio 2015 Field Day Special Edition


Ham Radio, Field Day 2015


June 27-28!

Local Field Day Finder

George, Jeremy and Gerald join me this time to discuss all things Field Day!  A Roundtable chat with some of your favorite Fo Time guests.

Here’s the KF7IJZ 2014 Video:

KF7IJZ You Tube Channel

YoYo Antenna Video

Ed Video-Painter Pole Fan Dipole


Heil Headsets (MTC Radio)

 Array Solutions-Band Pass Filter

ARRL Field Day Rules (PDF)

Wolf RIver Coils

ALM-12v7 Battery (Amazon)


Watt Meter/Hobby King

QuickSilver Radio

The RF Connection

Antenna Launchers

Hamlog from Pignology


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  1. Great show! I just got my license and was debating if I should attend a Field Day nearby. Y’all covered everything and helped me understand what to expect…and also be able to figure out the old grumpy’s when I see them. I will go – thanks, guys!!!

    1. Awesome David! Congrats on your Ticket, and enjoy your First Field Day!!! Thanks for Listening and Commenting.


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