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Episode 25: W4NTO (No Time to Operate) was one of  my first ever Amateur Radio Contacts.  Fritz, as he’s known, is one of the most interesting individuals I know;  He’s also the Oldest!  95+ years old, a WWII vet and Amateur Radio Operator/Elmer for many more years than I’ve lived!

Fritz with Dr. Jim Boehner (N2ZZ)  after receiving the George Hart 2011 Distinguished Service Award

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Fritz in his very spartan kitchen to discuss his Hams Life.  Fritz is a very humble man, and I wasn’t quite sure I’d convince him to share his story.

Fritz (W4NTO) instructing Bret (N9LPT) on the art of knot tying

During our very candid conversation, Fritz goes way back to tell about growing up in a home with a Father interested in Electronics, teaching new recruits CW, and life after the War.

Here's a peek at Fritz's Bench
Here’s a peek at Fritz’s Bench where he spends his free time repairing old rigs for friends.

Unfortunately the audio isn’t the ‘best’ during this interview…but I think the content will far outweigh the fridge running or the faucet dripping.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Fritz!

Always cheerful, I’m not sure why I couldn’t get him to smile?


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