Ham Radio 360: Shopping List (the accidental episode)

Welcome into Episode 21!  In Podcasting, not every program happens like you plan!  Sometimes what begins as a discussion between friends becomes a pretty good program (especially if you leave your recorder going).

Episode 21 is the 2nd part of a late night (on the East Coast) chat following the completion of Episode 17 between George (KJ6VU),  Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and Cale (K4CDN).  Maybe not the typical ‘Interview’ show that we usually offer-but a great opportunity to highlight some differing opinions on how to complete a Gear Shopping List for the newer amateur.


The venerable TMv-71a discussed in the program avail from MTCradio.com today!


I trust you enjoyed this episode.  We have a slew of great shows in the Queue, so stay tuned, this Spring is going to be a Blast!

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