Ham Radio 360: Michael Colton, KE7HIA; the Portable SDR and HamRadio



Michael, KE7HIA, is poised to set the Hamisphere on Fire.  A maker by nature and self described as a Self-taught Engineer & Designer – More Electronic than Human; Michael has recently finished up a Huge Kickstarter for his Up-coming Portable SDR (Software Defined Radio) http://portablesdr.net/

In this episode we get to know Michael and all that’s gone down since he first hatched his Idea on the Hackaday website.  If you’re looking for some Innovation in Ham Radio-You Just found it!

What is the PSDR?

The Portable Software Defined Radio, or PSDR, is an Open Source, Fully stand-alone HF/Shortwave Software Defined Transceiver. It includes a Vector Network Analyzer and Antenna Analyzer as well as GPS. It’s built for rugged portable use. It is designed to be a flexible platform for development, a learning aid, and and a useful instrument for electronics enthusiasts.

Visit Michaels YouTube Channel to view all of his candid production videos

We appreciate Michael coming on and filling in the blanks about the PSDR!

Michael’s Kickstarter Page


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