The Four HT’s of the Apocalypse?

Wow, it was an announcement that many of us were curious about.  Handi-Talkies that were ground breaking…

The Wait is Over –

the Anytone TERMN-8R….

A true multi-platform HT is a novel Great Idea.  One that I can’t believe hasn’t already been made available…  It all looks good on paper too!  Until you take a look at the Product Names-


The Terminator


The Obliterator


The Instigator


The Annihilator

And here I was thinking I had the WORST Product Name in Amateur Radio! (Fo Time)

the NSTIG-8R (looks like my A52)
For years these folks (Chinese HT Resellers) have tirelessly worked to make their product credible in the eyes of the Ham Radio community.  Yes, there have been millions of cheap chi-com HT’s sold (I have almost a dozen myself) all over the world.  But I’m left to question someones marketing decision in giving this purported “World Changing” device such names.?

I’ll Be Back….

….tomorrow with a new Podcast Episode feat. Michael Colton and his aptly named Portable SDR!

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