Episode 18: Ham Radio, Rob Riggs from Mobilinkd feat: TNC2

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Rob Riggs, WX9O, from Mobilinkd LLC comes in to share with us about his company and his passion regarding Electronics and Amateur Radio

WX9O Rob Riggs

Introducing the Mobilinkd Bluetooth APRS TNC. With your radio, your Android phone and this TNC, you have everything you need to get started with APRS — all at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated APRS radio, and with a better user interface than any APRS HT on the market.

Why a Mobilinkd TNC?

  • A better user interface for mobile APRS than any existing APRS radio.

  • Low cost — much less expensive than existing purpose-built APRS gear.

  • Battery powered and Bluetooth connected — just one cable.

  • Excellent performance — tunable for optimum performance with your radio.

  • Both ready to go with minimal configuration and yet completely hackable for those hams that have to know how their gear works and improve it.


a little black box

Mobilinkd Store

Thanks to All the Listeners for your Great Questions!!!

The TNC1 (no case to show components) It’s really that small!



APRS.fi (Google Maps)

North Shore Radio Club (IL)

Moblinikd on Google+

@Mobilinkd on Twitter

Mobinkd Yahoo Group

XASTIR Software

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