Ham Radio 360: EMCOMM Box part 2

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It’s Fo Time!

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Welcome to Episode 17 of The Other Ham Radio Podcast!

This time through we’re going to continue the conversation about EMCOMM Boxes/Bags with a round table discussion featuring Jeremy-KF7IJZGeorge-KJ6VU and Cale-K4CDN.

Boxes, Bags, Batteries, Mindset, Antennas, Considerations…

Those Key-Down Guys have nothing on Jeremy!

Above is a link to Jeremy’s EMCOMM Box and below is another KF7IJZ video showing the iPortable Case.

This episode is chock full of content, if you have questions or comments, let us know!

Comments or Questions?  (click me)KJ6VU Small Portable Bag

George’s KJ6VU Portable Station (PowerPoint)

Effects Box Station

George’s KJ6VU Portable Station in PDF



Here is Cale’s Big Box

Shelf Unit Inside the MTM SPUD7 box
Shelf Unit Without box…my shack for the first few years! Shown with Dual-Band and HF rigs

Howabout the ‘AK47’ Box?

the Venerable Plano 1612 Box
The Guts of the AK47 Box. Two ‘shelves’ that stack in the box.
Here’s the top shelf ‘flipped’ and ready to operate.

MTC Radio-the Fo Time Sponsor has these tripods in-stock!

$29.99! Get your antennas up!


Times Microwave Loss Calculator 

There are tons of ways to haul your gear-or make it portable.   Check out this Yahoo Image Search for further examples!

Ready To Build your Box?  Check out the Amazon Fo Time Webstore to get going!

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