Ham Radio 360: Programming Rigs & Ham Radio Code of Conduct

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Episode 13, Gerald (KF5JNU) is back to help us ‘think’ about programming our rigs, but first I take a few minutes to discuss The Ethics of Amateur Radio. as promised-the shirt We have some ‘crazy’ listeners!

Amateur Radio Ethics and Operating Procedures (please download and read)

DX Code of Conduct (Listen, Listen & Listen)

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This is Not the KF5JNU Mobile-photo used as illustration only

KF5JNU, Gerald brings some common sense to the pile of radios we have laying around!  Programming; seems such a germane topic until you need to change something! Of course he reminds us that ‘knowing’ how to program our rigs without a cable/PC or even a manual is a practice we should all be up for. Software/Resources:


RT Systems


ICQ Amateur Radio Podcast – Give it a Listen!

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