Ham Radio 360: A Bakers Dozen (Ham Radio Around the Farm)

It’s Fo Time!


See, it’s really a barn

Episode 12,  I’m in the Ham Shack (in the barn) and I’m by myself…2 potential show guest fell through for the week, so here I am!

This time through I give you a run-down on the past few weeks in the K4CDN-sphere and details some past, current and future Ham Radio projects.

Club Trailer:

as mentioned: Super PWRgate PG40s
Getting Started
Shakedown Run
antenna mounts
almost done although deployed.
Finished (for me) www.k4ii.com

K4II.com-Spartanburg Amateur Radio Club

Tait Repeaters

alaskaradio – ebay dealer

My Frozen Tait 300 Series Repeaters…Still in the box!


Garden RR’ing….Really!?


1:22.5 “G” Scale
Soldering Iron Link- (should have bought from myself 🙂 )


AK47 Box on Far Left EMCOMM Box Center


Plano 1612

MTM Spud7


How to Digi!

K7AGE/Randy…youtube link (watch it!)


Lights Out (the novel)

Lights Out Saga (the film)



Baofeng A52-in the Fo Store!



Here’s what I bought……….I know-right……….we’ll see!?


Main Trading Company (call ’em)

Fo Time Webstore!



Wanna Help Keep Fo Time going?


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