Ham Radio 360: KJ6VU-All About Ham Radio Repeaters….

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Episode 10 is here, and chock full of Great Information!  This time KJ6VU, George Z joins us to discuss Amateur Radio Repeaters-the workhorse of the hobby!

With nearly 40 years of repeater building under his belt, he is a fountain of knowledge to be drawn from.

George, KJ6VU is heavily involved with the Bay-Net Amateur Radio Club and Repeater Network, in the SF Bay Area of California.

Bay-Net is an open amateur radio repeater system providing wide-area coverage for public service events and emergency communications. All radio amateurs are welcome to use the system. The system includes 2m, UHF and 900 MHz linked analog repeaters, a D-Star digital repeater, Echolink, and IRLP VOIP services.

He is also part of the continuing innovation of Ham Radio through his company Sierra Radio Systems.   From Micro &  Remote Station Controllers to Repeater Site Controllers and Monitoring Systems Sierra Radio Systems works to further advance the Amateur Radio Hobby.

You’ll be hard pressed to pack more Repeater Knowledge into a single Podcast Episode!  Thanks for Listening to Fo Time!

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Show Notes:

Bay-Net Linked Repeater System

Cactus Inter-tie Repeater System

Sierra Radio Systems/Hamstack



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