Ham Radio 360: “you’ve got Ham Radio questions, I’ve got……Opinions”

It’s Fo Time!


Episode 9…..you called in with your questions and I’m going to do my best to answer them.  Below are the show notes that follow the Calls and Replies in order.  I appreciate you listening and being a part of the show!

Call 1: John


What is Ham Radio

What is FM

What is DX

What is 2 meters

What is 40 meters

Starter Rigs

Handhelds- Fo Time Store

Wouxun from MTC  (I have a few)


UV-B5 (* My Fav low cost radio*)


Yeasu: FT-60 (a built like a tank & very popular HT!)

Icom: IC-V80 or a Repack

KENWOOD TH-K20A (I want one of these!)

Base or Mobile-Fo Time Store

Kenwood: TM-281

Yeasu: FT-1900

Icom: IC-V8000

Yeasu: FT-2900 (a brick house)

New Ham Packages-Discounted for Fo Time Listeners

Where do I go?   Club Finder! Elmer?

Call 2: William

Why “Ham”-the nickname?

Why Upgrade? (band plan-lotsa real-estate)

Why Not?

Call 3: Rob

Ham Radio Glossary

Alternate Glossary

How to Study?  Ham Test Online! My Favorite Way to Study.

Different Operating Modes



Deceased Fathers Call Sign Info

Vanity Call Signs



ARRL question pool

More Links:


QTH Swap

MTC: Ham Radio Day-October 18th 2014!

Icom Repacks


Fo Time Amazon Webstore


Help Me keep Fo’ing!


Hey! New Hams-Wannabe Hams:

call in with your “how do i” questions Now!

The Fo Line: (206) 415-3809

* segment 2 Intro music….My Favorite SKA Band: The OC Supetones


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