Ham Radio Operators Train National Guardsmen

Eight Prattville Army National Guard members from the 231st Military Police Battalion armory traveled to Fort McClellan for specialized training in ham radios earlier this month.

The military is trying to bring back the use of HF or high-frequency communications in the service rather than having sole dependence on satellite communication.

With today’s email and cellphone communication, radios now are used primarily during natural disasters and emergency situations such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy when high cellphone use can overload the satellite system.

Special radio frequencies can communicate with emergency management agencies during such times.

Joel Black, a member the Region 4 Army Military Auxiliary Radio Service, or Army MARS, said the radio is much more efficient than satellite communications.

“Today’s military has started to depend more on satellite communication. However, HF or high-frequency communications, is a more rapidly deployable communication system,” Black explained. “You can set up an antenna, tune into the right frequency and start talking within minutes. It takes much longer to set up a satellite.”

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