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April 12, 2017 11:15 am  

Hello all just wanted to stop in and say hi!  

Also for those of y'all that order the Arduino from Sparkfun​ it doesn't come with header pins like the one from Deal extreme...

If anyone has ordered from Sparkfun and needs some pins let me know because I got a bag of 100 off Amazon.  The part plus shipping from Sparkfun was going to be more for two 40pin headers then the entire bag of 100 from Amazon with prime.


So feel free to contact me and I will mail you out one 40pin breakaway. 

Having said all that I want to thank Cale, Jeremy, and George for all the have done with​ HR360 (although I liked FO time).  Keep up the great work!  I look forward to the next build project!!!



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