Ham Radio 360: FRP #6 – Bicycle Race Communications With N7RXE

    Kevin Reeve, N7RXE, is instrumental in Amateur Radio Operational Support of the LOTOJA Classic Bike Race. In this episode of the Field Radio Podcast Kevin gives us a look into the organization and coordination of event communications.

This event spans over 200 miles, three states, multiple public safety jurisdictions, 4 net controls, 8 repeaters including mobile repeaters, APRS iGates, Portable Digipeaters, 135 operators, and 40 vehicles beaconing APRS. This event has it all!

Kevin gives a great overview of how they successfully organize this event, and advice for organizations looking to support or improve event support.

LOTOJA Classic
Bridgerland Amateur Radio Cluib
Chameleon Antenna

Ham Radio 360: Lessons from Irma and My Vacation

It’s doubtful that you haven’t been affected by the recent hurricanes, no matter where you reside.  Here in the Upstate of South Carolina-we were indeed touched by Irma and in this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast, I share some of my lessons learned.

Following that, I break the news that as of this episode, #87, I will be taking a much needed vacation from the Podcast grind.  The Workbench and Field Radio Podcast will stay on schedule-but HR360 is hanging up the vacation sign and going away for a bit.  3+ years of creating content and full-on engagement has taken a toll on my balance of life so I’ve decided to step away, with a potential return in January 2018.  A big thanks to all who helped take a ‘joke’ and turn into ‘something’!

The recent storms seemed to reignite the ever-smoldering embers of Ham Radio’s place in EMCOMM.  No surprise to see the many hams out in force debating the relevance of Amateur Radio in an Emergency.  Since we’ve never settled the no-code or Chi-com debates….what’s another to continue to divide the community–I guess we really are a reflection of society after all!

Just a few days after Irma brought strong winds and heavy rain to the farm, I took my seat at the front of the room for the local ARES meeting.  I believe that communications is King (especially in today’s tech-centric world)!  I also believe that Amateur Radio should have a place in the local communications response to emergent situations or times of duress.  Finally, I believe that Ham Radio will NOT save the world; but it is a great tool to have if and when something goes wrong. period.  A few months ago the local ARES-EC asked me to help get the ball rolling here in Spartanburg County, SC.  We’ll see what happens, right now it’s trending positive.  The upcoming GridEX Exercise will be a stretch for our group-but I think we’ll weather it well.

The last 86+ episodes have offered many solutions to EMCOMM issues as well as introducing many aspects of the Hobby that some of us have never heard mentioned on the local 2m repeater.  If you are a new listener, I invite you to page back through our catalog of shows, pick something you’re interested in and give it a spin.  If you’ve been here a while, thanks for sticking around!

Thanks again for listening!

73 Y’all,


NN4II and I in the EOC as I’m trying to get home
the SPARES radio nook in the EOC
Proof I have too many HTs!

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Ham Radio Day, MTC Radio, Oct 14th



Hands on Ham Radio-Elecraft Radio



the AIRSPY Mini…a powerful SDR!




Ham Radio 360: Workbench -32 GPS Disciplined Oscillators and Frequency References

Curious about what the “10 MHz” connector on the back of your test equipment is?  Interested in calibrating an SDR to reduce tuning error?  Do you want an accurate frequency source for tuning radios?  How about a super accurate sense of what time it is?  This week, Dr. Frank Howell K4FMH joins Jeremy and George to talk about GPS Disciplined Oscillators and Frequency References for your workbench..





KF7IJZ’s Workbench


KJ6VU’s Workbench


K4FMH’s Workbench


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Ham Radio 360: FRP 5 – HF Radio in the Field

In this Episode of the Field Radio Podcast John and Chris discuss getting out in the field with HF radio. Evaluating radio’s, antenna’s, batteries, and solar panels. Also adding to the VHF/UHF GoBox with a second radio, and a training item on first steps in a disaster training item.

Our thoughts and prayers go to those effected across the United States in disasters and those facing hurricane Irma.

Ham Radio 360: FSQ, Linux & YouTube with Kevin, KB9RLW

I was introduced to Kevin, KB9RLW, by my friend Julian OH8STN and his postings on Instagram/Twitter.  A few months back FSQ was a ‘new’ mode and some were excitedly giving it a go.  Julian had posted a link to a video on FSQ and it I knew this was a mode I was very interested in learning about!  Enter the ‘Old Tech Guy’ on Youtube and here we are!

Kevin and I set about determining the compatibility of schedules and just last week we were able to connect via a wonky Skype call and get this information together for you.  While we do spend some time discussing the FSQ mode, I also discovered Kevin is a die-hard Linux user.  Kevin fills us in on his Linux use for Ham Radio and his YouTube Channel creations.

*I’ve noted on the socials a few times last week that I did indeed mispronounce the insanely popular digital mode FT8; for whatever reason I referred to it as JT8 four different times in this show.

**Additionally, I have utilized the FSQ mode since recording this conversation with what I’d consider Success!  I can foresee this mode becoming a go-to for my friends and I locally on HF and VHF.

KB9RLW on YouTube

Notes and Mentions:

FLDigi Software

FSQCall Software

Kevin KB9RLW Youtube Channel

Linux in the Hamshack Podcast


Everything Ham Radio


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Ham Radio 360: Workbench 31 – The Field Radio Maker with John, W7DBO

This week, Jeremy is back and he’s brought along John Jacobs, W7DBO, host of the new Field Radio Podcast!  John introduces his show and talks about the skills that he uses as a maker to build field portable gear including design and 3D Printing.


Airspy Mini Software Defined Radio

MPD Digital Custom Coax Cables

Pine64 Rock 64 Single Board Computer

Times Microwave Coax Loss Calculator

Spyserver on Pi (or ODROID or Tinker Board)

HamRadio360 – ADS-B with Nick KK6LHR

NOAA Weather Satellites

John Jacobs’ Website – http://W7DBO.net


Field Radio Podcast You Tube Channel

LED Power Pole Tester

Comms to Go

Wago Connectors

DROK Power Meter

Tenergy Power Meter

Tinkercad – Free online design tool

Thingiverse – Why reinvent the wheel?

Simplify 3D – Slicing Tool

OctoPrint – Raspberry Pi Print Server

Monoprice Maker Select Plus V2 Printer

Monthly 3D Geek Box

Fox Smart – Cheaper Filament


Ham Radio 360: Solar Eclipse from the Field

The United States recently experienced a unique total solar eclipse from coast to coast. We traveled up to Idaho to view the eclipse in totality. In the process, we turned our family vacation into a field radio opportunity. A little Field Day, a little science experiment, a little emergency communications, and being good will ambassador for the hobby evolved around the Eclipse. Finally, we complete the VHF/UHF Go Box build and put it in the field.

Special Guest Keaton Jacobs


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Go Box Build

More Eclipse Video’s

Ham Radio 360: Extra Class Upgrade with W4EDF

Ed Bradshaw (W4EDF) recently upgraded his Ham Radio ticket to Extra Class and he wants you to know-You Can Too!

W4EDF preps for Front Porch Ops!

Former show guest and current Kenwood TS480 owner, Ed decided he wanted a bigger slice of the pie and set his sights on passing the Extra Class Exam.  Having put a great deal of effort into his studies and methods, Ed offered to come on the show to share what worked for him in hopes that you (and I) would get ourselves motivated to study-and Pass!

Question pool: ARRL Link

ARRL Extra Class License Manual, 11th edition

Gordon West, WB6NOA, 2016-2020 Extra Class FCC Element 4

Ham Extra by James Thomas

Ham Study (Signal Stuff)

QRZ Practice Tests

ARRL Find an exam

ARRL What to bring

Dave Casler YouTube

Extra playlist – Here

Alan Wolke, W2AEW YouTube

Must watch: Here

W4EDF: Previous Show Appearance #37

Others Recommend these Books/Aides:

K4IA Pass, the Easy Way

KB6NU No Non Sense Guide

Extra Flash Cards

Videos Mentioned in the show:


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Ham Radio 360: Workbench- 30 Remote Operations

This week on the Ham Radio 360 Workbench Podcast George is joined by Michael VA3MW to deep dive on remotely operating your station from just about anywhere you have internet access. George also breaks down his new KX3 Portable Enclosure and discusses the wiring and placement of equipment. Unfortunately Jeremy experienced severe technical difficulties and was unable to join the call.

Reminder to enter for a chance to win a Powerfilm 30 Watt Portable Solar panel – perfect for your next QRP portable operation!

http://www.powerfilmsolar.com/products/workbench to enter!

Don’t forget to order your BitX40 7 W QRP Transceiver kit today! – http://www.hfsigs.com/

Ham Radio 360: Field Radio – VHF/UHF Radio in the Field

As we continue our journey into field radio we’re reminded we need gear to take along.  One primary means of field operation is the venerable FM Transceiver.  In this episode of the Field Radio Podcast we’re joined by David Goldenburg (W0DHG) Co-host of the Ham Radio Now show to discuss selecting a VHF/UHF mobile radio for field portable use and other related items for field radio operations.

Dave Goldenburg W0DHG

When selecting a VHF/UHF radio for field portable use, what are key features to look for in a radio? What works best in using the radio in an ARES or EmComm situation?  Also, we continue our build of the VHF/UHF Voice & Digital Go-Box. Corresponding Build Video Part 3 Shown Below and on our YouTube Channel.

W0DHG: Field Radio Box

ARRL Solar Eclipse QSO Party – QST Article
Weaver Throw Rope and Weight – Here
N9TAX Roll Up JPole Antenna(A favorite of John and K4CDN!)
Packtennafrom George (KJ6VU)

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Chameleon Antenna released a new product – Stainless Steel Adaptor for the CHA SPIKE MOUNT and the CHA JAWMOUNT.  This is compatible with: CHA F-LOOP CHA F-LOOP 2.0 CHA P-LOOP & CHA P-LOOP 2.0. Click this link to view the demo: https://youtu.be/HDWjoS1pwag

Tips & Tricks

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