I need some help for install the Arduino Pro Micro  


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19/04/2017 11:36 am  

I have build the project, all OK! The Arduino is a Deal Extreme


My PC runs on Windows 10 64 bit


I have installed the Sparkfun boards in the Arduino IDE


I have charged the last firmware


The display running OK!,


The change bands also run,


The mode not run, push and not change any mode, I not find documentation.


The scan run but the frequency is static, the SWR mesure are no logic 


Now, I can not connect with PC via USB because the dirver is lost!


I can not install the new driver.


May be the USB port 3?


Thanks for the help, and sorry my english.


73, Enio, EA2HW

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21/04/2017 4:29 am  

Manual Installation



Message: "The specified folder does not contain any software drivers compatible with the device"

My questions:

If the driver is not compatible, why recommend another Arduino that is not Spark Fun?

Why did you charge the plug and play controller the first time?

What is the solution ?, Change the Arduino for a new Spark Fun?

Any help, thank you very much.


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